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Submission Guidelines

Submissions close September 1, 2019.


See the new guidelines below...


Burning Willow Press accepts unsolicited submissions of; Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Erotic Horror, Thriller, Mystery, and Fantastic children’s stories, in novellas, and novels with genre blending always considered. The average length of the books we publish varies (see below). A literary agent is not required, although if you have one, we are open to speaking with them. We will consider manuscripts currently submitted to another publisher; however, please let us know if you accept a contract with them as soon as possible so our Acquisition Team can move on to other projects. It may require up to three months (or more) for our team to review a manuscript, so please have patience. We know it is severe and likely one of the toughest things you will ever do. Once a decision is made, we will contact you.


What we are not looking for:

Romance, drama, and infant/toddler, or picture/comic books. Romance or drama will be considered if your query has a solid tie into the genres mentioned above listed above and the romance is not the main focus of the book.

While we have considered it in the past, we are not currently interested in tie-in fiction; this includes fiction that exists within worlds established in previously published novels (unless it is a series we already have) or it relies on the details of previously published stories not within our catalog, aka “spin-off.”


We ask that if you have more than one novella, you submit one at a time. You can certainly submit another once we have responded to the prior.

I. General Submissions Guidelines (as of May 2019)

A. Manuscripts should include:

1. Cover Query letter with:

a. Title, and series title (if applicable)

b. Genre

2. (Top Left) Author name with a preferred Pseudonym (if applicable), mailing address and phone number, with preferred email.

3. Word count approximate

4. Make sure that chapters begin on a new page, line-breaks are evident, and all pages are numbered

5. Times New Roman font 12, Double-spaced, One-inch margins, no manual indents (if accepted, we will handle it for you in edits and formats). 

6. Microsoft Word .docx (2010 or newer)


B. Include in your query:

1. Separate one (1) page or less synopsis of the manuscript which includes

a. Functional keywords you feel that best describe your book(s) or story (up to ten)

b. All social media links to you and your books (if applicable)

c. Your Amazon central web address (if applicable)

d. How it will end

C. For authors writing a series querying for consideration:

1. Individual titles

2. Word counts planned on each


D. ONLY the first three (3) chapters of the manuscript are required for submission. We will ask for the remainder when accepted. 


II. Submitting by length

A. Subject line to include QUERY/ (your genre)/ (your title)/ (word count)


C. If we ask for the remainder of the MS, please attach it to the email reply and not in the body of the email following above general submission guidelines.

D. NOVEL submissions: up to 120,000 words are preferred, we can accommodate longer stories depending on the story.

E. Novella Submissions: up to 50,000 words are typical, others have been considered.

F. Short stories will be designated at the time of the open call with their own guidelines.


A few things before you click send.

In your submission, do you have repeated phrases, verbs, etc. commonly called “Copula Spiders?” Have you had good proofreaders look it over before you submitted it? Did you title your book with a common title? A quick Google or Amazon search will help you determine if your title is very common. Did you run MS Word "review – Spelling & Grammar" on your MS before you uploaded it to the email? (The newer software has a far superior grammar and punctuation system than previous ones).


Grant us up to three (3) months to read your submission as we are very busy and want to devote as much time as we can to your work. We do not want to take away from you nor others who have also submitted their stories to us. If you have not heard from us within that time frame, please email us again. While we want to send each of our submitting authors a personalized rejection, that simply is not always possible. We will try to and if we were on the fence about it, the rejection may come back with some help to resubmit again once some issues are taken care of. Please take heed of any advice a team member gives you. They are all published authors in this industry and proficient at their task, so the advice is free help.


Submit to submissions@burningwillowpressllc.com

Include all the information listed, and you will hear back from us soon.


Keep writing!