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January 2, 2019

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June 28, 2018

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January Newsletter

January 2, 2019


From the Desk of Edd Sowder



We hope that you had a very good Christmas and we want to welcome you all to the new year! It’s hard to believe that it’s 2019 already. Where did our last several months go? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the office looking at the upcoming schedule and working things out with the staff to get everything underway for 2018 and then, *POOF* it’s all over with. We ended up with thirty-four releases last year and not all of them were originally scheduled. Case in point, Harvest by L. Bachman, Allegiances and the re-release of Raven: Birth into Darkness by WJR Parks.


We put out two anthologies last year; Southern Fried Autopsies and Crossroads in the Dark IV: GHOSTS. Both of which are allowing all profits to go to charity. SFA has been a labor of love with L. Bachman and James Master helping to create and deliver the anthology. We’ve also been in conversation about doing a sequel to it, more as it develops.


SFA is being donated to FeedAmerica.org, a charity that L. Bachman’s son, Damien (all 11 years old of himself, helped us find).


CRITD4 is being donated to suicide prevention, especially since so many authors and artists alike are depressed… we wanted to try to help in any way we could.




Upon reflections from the last year, I want to say that we couldn’t run as efficiently as we do without the help of some very instrumental people in our midst. Shannon Perrine, Michele Thompson, Donna Marie West, Lori Michelle, Lynn Lesher, just to name a few who go above and beyond to help me run BWP daily. We didn’t miss a single deadline for eBooks, even though when things changed over from one printer to another, we did miss a few on prints. We think we have all that sorted out now. Not to mention, we are getting more and more up for audio versions too. Excitement is filling the air.


 If you are reading this and didn’t read Decembers newsletter, you missed out. We made a few announcements, one being the sale that just ended, and even that submissions will open back up in May of this year. Yeah, we know . . . it has been a while and it is about time. That being said, there’ll be new guidelines to submit and we will be strictly enforcing them. It’s just easier for us if everyone is on the same page, no pun intended. New guidelines will be posted on our website when submissions are re-opened.


We’re looking forward to what 2019 can offer. We have a lot planned and not all of it has to do with book releases. Start looking for our authors to do signings near you in smaller bookstores, and if you know of a small bookstore that would host them, have the owners get in touch with me. I will be happy to help in any way I possibly can.


So, what can you expect from BWP authors coming in the next three months? Lots.




January 5th: The Valley of Hinnom by Mark Reefe which is book three of the Hell Walker series. A new journey for Finn takes him back to some familiar places.  Pre-order now


January 12th: Death Rises by Brian G. Murray which is the third installment of the Chronicles of Death series. Finally, we get to see the being for what he really is! Pre-order now


January 19th: Mysterium Excelsum Duobus by Ellie Piersol and this makes the third installment of her series. High school can be tough enough . . . well, what if you went to this supernaturally gifted school? Pre-order now


January 24th: After Midnight by Kindra Sowder, this is the fifth novella in the acclaimed Miss Hyde novella series. With all of Blythe’s fears coming to pass, a new threat will emerge. Pre-order now


In February, starting with The Book of Ashley by James Master, the third book in his Soul Snatcher series. The monk has some new one-liners for us and oh, some new toys (read: weapons) as well. Pre-order very soon


Then next is Collision of Fate by S.L. Perrine, the third book in the Crawford Witch Chronicles… and trust me the twist in this one will bring a whole new series crashing in. Releases February 16th. Pre-order now


Next, Keys of Childish Scrawl by Cindy Johnson. This is her debut novel with BWP and we cannot be more excited to release this ghostly tale from the backwoods of Arkansas. Look for it to be up for pre orders soon. It releases March 2nd.


Also, in March, Sarah Hall and Nicole Thorn are well-known as a writing dynamic duo. Their Seers and Demigods books have been in-house favorites for several years and the fifth installment, They Will Not Be Silenced takes a look at some other aspects of the storyline we have all come to love. Callie, the Oracle, is the main focus in this tale and someone completely new. Look for it to release March 16th. Pre-order soon


Finishing up March is something we have been toying with for a bit in the office. Once it is ready, we will release it at a highly reduced price on both eBook and paperback. Burning Willow Press presents, Volume 1 will be coming March 23rd. Pre-order soon




I thought I would let you in on a few things that we have been doing in the background. Kindra Sowder, CEO of BWP and Author with not only BWP but other houses too, has been steadily working on her Master’s degree, as well as creating several new series for you to sink your fingers into. She is reprising an older book to carry it into the next realm where you will see some familiar names and locations from her Executioner trilogy. She is also hard at work with Santiago Cirilo to get started on the next Zombified book of which many of you are looking forward to. And finally, not to give away all of her secrets, she is working on a few new ideas of her own. Not to mention her and Bryan Tann (Bryce Creed, John Baker Chronicles) have teamed up to write the screenplays to “BLYTHE” for televised pre-production.


If you didn’t know already by keeping up with what we post, Edd . . . hey, that’s me . . . was included in the SFA and CRITD 4 anthologies. I was subjected to the horrors of submission and did not have any pull in getting included. That being said, my duties as VP no longer include submissions of novels with the impending opening that comes this May. I will be a fence leaner. What that means is if someone is on the fence about it and cannot make the determination, I will for them. The goal is to reduce how long it takes me to get through the ever-growing mountains of paperwork I accumulate throughout a year.


We are hopeful that this change will help gain a different approach to what BWP accepts and, unfortunately, must, reject.


I almost forgot to say this. We will be announcing a contest in the coming year that we certainly hope all of you take part in. The idea is being formulated and once we’re ready, all who subscribe to this newsletter will be in the know far ahead of others. Will that give you an advantage? I would say so. You will know what to look for.




Additionally, we want to hear from you. If you get this email and want to reach out to us, please do so on our Facebook, Twitter @Burning_willow, or Instagram @BWPLLC. Sorry, admittedly, I rarely have time to update our Linked In.


If you like one of our books, tell someone else about it. That is the best way to help any author. Yes, leaving a review is nice too but realistically, telling a friend about the book you are reading will do more for them in the long run. Well, that’s my two cents today. I hope that all of you have a very safe and prosperous new year!




Edd Sowder

Vice President,

Burning Willow Press




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