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Asclepius Stone

January 27, 2018

Asclepius Stone

Jack McNally
Release Date: February 10, 2018



Asclepius (circa 1200 BC) was a revered Greek physician who ultimately became deified in religion and mythology as the god of medicine, healing and rejuvenation. Eventually the Romans also adopted Asclepius as a deity. Priests and temples were devoted to him making him a popular icon during the dawn of the medical profession.

Today, the Rod of Asclepius remains a prominent medical symbol; it consists of a staff entwined by a single serpent. The serpent specifically symbolizes renewal as it regularly sheds its skin.

Asclepius Stone is a story about life, love, healing and renewal. It is a quick read full of twists and turns, but be forewarned - you should not begin reading until you have a substantial snack at the ready. You will find out why soon enough.



About the Author:



Jack McNally

Just before the last ice age - in a flowerin' field of shamrock and four-leaf clover - John Patrick McNally, Jr. was born blessed with an archaic Irish ancestry. As a wee lad, the gift of blarney was bestowed upon him by a wise old leprechaun wizard; a distant cousin twice surgically removed from his mother's side of the family.

    In return for his 'gift of gab, ' Jack had to promise the wizard he would speak only in an ancient esoteric Gaelic tongue known just to the leprechauns and a select few sons of Erin.

    As you might imagine, it was difficult to attend school speaking a dialect known only to the privileged few, so Jack began to write. And though he never uttered a single intelligible sentence in the presence of his teachers, Jack's enchanted writing soon earned him the well-deserved credential 'BS'.

    The rest is history. While supporting himself by working in public relations, sales and editing several obscure tabloid newspapers and magazines, Jack wrote a series of best-selling novels, short stories and essays which quickly topped the charts in the Leprechaun Times and Rolling Shamrock. Of course, they were in ancient Gaelic and the circulation was somewhat limited, but there's not a single living soul among the Little People who doesn't own a complete set of his collected works.

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