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El Sendero, Book Two

October 18, 2017


El Sendero

The Hell Walker Series, Book Two

by Mark Reefe

Release Date: November 1, 2017


The storm rolled across the desert monte with a fury born of perdition. All that was left in its wake were hollowed husks of the brick and concrete buildings that comprised the tiny Mexican village. Miguel Rivera knows he can’t solve the mystery of the missing townsfolk without help from the one with green and gold eyes. The federale enlists the aid of Finn McCallan, a man who possesses the ability to see beyond the waking world and glimpse into the spirit realm. Together Finn and Miguel follow a trail of breadcrumbs leading them to the border town of El Sendero. There Finn discovers a place overridden with people whose souls have been twisted and corrupted by La Prophetisa, a self-proclaimed prophet and healer. The pair work relentlessly to uncover the nature of La Prophetisa’s powers and soon discover the terrible truth behind their origin…



The Road to Jericho



No good deed goes unpunished. That's a lesson Finn McCallan will soon learn. While saving the life of a critically injured woman, Finn gains the attention of a powerful demon. Amused by Finn's selfless heroics, the fiend tricks him into a contest, one designed to help Finn "find" his soul. What Finn doesn't know is this contest will push him beyond the darkest regions of our mortal world. A bargain is struck and a brand of Perdition is forced upon Finn. He gains the ability to pierce the fabric of what we believe as reality…an ability to see the innermost duality that people often hide, by peering into their souls. This ability serves both as a blessing and a curse. An ability to see true evil creates a personal cost for Finn. In the end will he be able to save his soul?




Mark Reefe

Raised in Bowie, Maryland, Mark Reefe moved his homestead to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley a couple 

years back where he now resides with his lovely wife, two boys and one

devilish dog.  After twenty-five years of catching bad guys and causing mischief in various law enforcement and security positions with the federal government, he decided to “take the road less traveled” and pursue his passion for writing.  The places he has been and the people he has met in his colorful past helped him create a vivid and dramatic world in his first novel, The Road To Jericho.  When he isn’t working on his second novel in the planned trilogy, he enjoys woodworking, camping, breaking small appliances when they don’t appear to work, apologizing to his wife for breaking the previously mentioned appliances, and bourbon, (though not necessarily in that order). 























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