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June 28, 2018

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Author Spotlight ~ Veronica Smith

September 28, 2017

Get to know CRID Contributing

Author, Veronica Smith




Veronica Smith lives in Katy, Texas, a suburb west of Houston. She has been married to her husband, Kelly, for over 25 years and has a son, Zach, who just graduated from college and is also a writer. She’s always loved writing and although her overall school grades were only average, she always got A’s in English. Her first novella, Chalk Outline, was originally self-published but is the process of being re-released. Her current project is her first full-length novel, Salvation, for Helheim Games Studios. It is based on the Survive: Zombie Apocalypse CCG and should be published soon. She also has several short stories published in anthologies:

47– Anthology, ODDisms, Unleashing the Voices Within, and Zombie Chunks. Look for more of her stories in anthologies to be published soon: Edge of Darkness, Kids Volume Two, Apocalypse Rising, Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, Guts & Gore, Sweat Dreams, and Witchs’ Coven. In addition to writing, she’s a co-editor for two anthologies: Man Behind the Mask and Unleashing the Voices Within. Follow her on Amazon, Facebook and WordPress to get the latest.16 : Short Fiction and Poetry Inspired by David Bowie – Volume II, A Very Zombie Christmas, Bite Sized Offerings, Crossroads in the Dark, Eight Deadly Kisses, Fifty Shades of Slay, Grynn


Look for her on Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, & Wordpress.


Check out a short teaser from her current work in progress.


 Just Get There

A YA zombie book that has been expanded from my short story, The Tree House. 


“What was that?” Saul asked, tilting his blond head to hear better.

“What?” Sandy asked him.

“Shh…” he said, getting up and going to the window. It wasn’t a completely clear view through the branches, but there were enough gaps for them to shoot their targets and see around them. “I heard screaming,” Saul said, opening the window.

The sound of the birds chirping was the only thing they heard. Then he pointed. “Look!”

There was a man covered in blood staggering down the street.

“He’s not screaming,” Josh smirked, looking sideways at Saul.

“If he was really hurt, he’d be screaming or crying. I bet that’s just paint.”

 Saul shook his head, “It looks like blood.”

Suddenly, Mark’s phone rang. “Oh no,” he groaned, looking at Bobby, “It’s Mom. She probably wants us home for something.” He pushed the button, “Hi Mom.”








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