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A Change of Stars

We Will Change Our Stars

(Seers and Demigods Book 2)

by Nicole Thorn & Sarah Hall

Release date: August 12, 2017



Zander Dovetree, the son of Aphrodite, has survived the vengeance of three furies, and a childhood in foster care. Yet, he isn’t sure he can survive Jasmine Nelson, a girl with a dazzling smile, wildness in her eyes, and a shattered soul.

Jasmine is racing toward her death, and doesn’t seem to know or care about it. She gets closer every day, and is unwilling to slow down or stop. Not even her feelings for Zander can make her see where her path leads.

When someone attacks the Oracle, Jasmine and Zander jump to her rescue. Doing so puts them in the crosshairs of their enemies, and they all have one goal. Kill the seers.


Pre-order your copy today!


Other Title in This Series:

We Will Gain Our Fury


Kezia Dovetree is a demigoddess. After years of abuse from her foster parents, she’s now free, and content to hide away in a safe little life. Vengeance incarnate comes looking for her, in the form of the furies. With no other options, she runs to the only people who can help her. She then meets Jasper, one of the three seers. He’s quiet and standoffish. Kezia finds herself drawn to him. He makes her feel safe. Despite her attraction, she doesn’t trust herself around him. But their desires might not matter in the end, because the furies’ chase has already begun.



I watched the winged monster as she hovered in the sky. Her focus was on me now. Fine. Better me than him.

She swooped down at me. I dodged, but not fast enough. Her talons caught my stomach and ripped me open. Blood stained my shirt in half a second and the pain served as a distraction. I shoved it away. It didn’t matter. She needed to die.

I fell, landing beside a mailbox. A wooden stake was what it was perched on. I smiled. That’ll do.

I sent my foot into it, cracking it in a moment. The mailbox crashed onto the sidewalk, metal bending as it busted open. Mail fell out, spreading all over the place. Oh well.

The wood was dead, but I could bring it to life. I’d need to if I was gonna change the shape. I needed something pointy to run the bitch through with. I let the thing grow, because she was coming back for more.

I got to my feet and put as much distance as I could between us. She was in the air above, flapping her leathery wings and watching me. I didn’t look scared, because I wasn’t. I think it threw her a little.

“Red Rover, Red Rover, send the fury right over.” I grinned, hoping it would piss her off.

I think it did. She dove for me again and I ran to her, dropping and rolling just under where she could catch me. I landed beside Jasper and I winced as my hand found my stomach. It would seem that my insides were trying to come out. Can’t have that.

Jasper didn’t look well. He didn’t say anything when I called out to him. I’d have to fix him later. For now, I had stuff to do.

In landing beside Jasper, I got to my stake. It came out nicely. The wood was thick and I needed two hands to hold it. But the end was as sharp as can be. If I touched the tip, I would prick myself. I grabbed the thing and was forced to abandon Jasper before the fury could attack me where he was.


I had the thing in my hands and I stared at the monster with nothing but hate in my heart. I was to die. Zander. Because he took revenge for me. Where the fuck were these things when I was eleven and being violated? Why were we getting punished? Wasn’t I punished enough?

The fury charged at me and when I moved past her, she turned, grabbing me by the top of my shirt. Then I was in the air. Her claws dug into my shoulders as we moved up. Then she dropped me on a fence. I broke it. I broke it good. Thankfully my skin was too tough for it to have torn me up, but it left me with agony in my middle. My cuts were torn open even more. Oh wow… I could see all new parts of me…

The stake was out of my hands, but I outstretched my arms. My shoulders had ten holes in them that were steadily pouring blood. I wouldn’t lose enough to kill me. Not before the healing set in.

My hand gripped the stake and I got back to my feet. The fury was still in the sky, having stopped to watch me fall. Oops, guess I didn’t land on my neck. Better luck next time.

It was odd, this anger in me for her. I felt like she betrayed me somehow. Letting Parker do what she did to me. Letting Mr. Rivers beat me almost to death each time he found out. The furies never came for them. But they were coming for me.

I was on my feet and I was staring at the thing as she lowered to the ground. Her wings kept her feet from touching the ground and I watched my blood drip from her claws and onto the sidewalk. My blood was everywhere. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Then we were watching each other. I stood, bleeding to death, broken. She hovered and radiated righteousness.

“Well.” I smiled as I panted. “What are you waiting for? I’ve been waiting for you since I was eleven. Kinda think you owe me some prompt service, don’t you?”

Then she charged, and I charged. I had the stake firmly in my hands. Her talons were extended to me, waiting to get around my throat. We collided. The talons on her feet had gotten around my legs, ripping me open again as they squeezed. Her hands were on my shoulders. I heard a bone snap in me. I made a choking sound when the pain was too much.

Then I saw it. My stake was in the center of her chest. It went all the way through. I was face to face with her when she realized it. She screamed and I ripped the stake out of her with my working arm. She released me and stumbled back.

She launched into the air and her body exploded into burning ashes. Her scream was silenced when she ceased to be. As her ashes fell, I went with them.

I dropped to my knees and fell forward, hitting my head against the sidewalk.

“Kezia!” Jasper said in a strangled voice. It was like there was cotton in my ears. I was hardly aware of him as he got to me.

He flipped me onto my back and I tried to scream, but my lungs had no air in them. My head was on Jasper’s lap and I looked up at him.

“You look awful,” I wheezed, stopping to cough up a few ounces of blood. He really did look terrible. His shoulders were bloody, not to mention the blood dripping from one of his ears.

He looked so scared as his eyes found every injury on me. “Kezia…”

“Just a flesh wound, sweetheart. I’ll be…” My eyes closed and I forgot what I was saying. The healing was kicking in and that was a whole new kind of pain.

I managed to scream, but it was weak. My eyes opened again and my shirt was in half. I looked down at my exposed stomach. It was pumping blood out of me, but it was slowing. My hand found my stake, because I needed something to ground me for this one. A good portion of my insides were in Mr. Nelson’s front yard. Mighta lost a kidney, but… details.

“What’s happening?” Jasper asked.

I looked up at him and the angle made him upside down. “Healing up. It ain’t pretty.” My good arm was finding the stake. I gripped it and the thing snapped in my hand as the next big wave of pain came. It was in my broken arm. The bones were fusing back together.

“Why is it hurting you?”

I was panting out shallow breaths. “Parts coming back together. Too fast. Kind of itchy too.” He smiled and I did too. Then I moved his hand over my heart. “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” Story of my fucking life.




About the Authors:


Nicole Thorn is a writer in her twenties who spends her days discussing

fictional characters with her writer friend and having very serious opinions about which house she would want to be sorted into at Hogwarts. Spending most of her life in sunny California and now trapped in sunny Arizona, she likes to write about rainy towns that are infested with the things that go bump in the night.




Sarah Hall has been writing since her early teens and plans to continue long past her death, via robot body. She spends her days daydreaming about conversations between fictional characters and ignoring the condescending looks she gets from her cats when she does so. During her day in the unforgiving Arizona heat, she juggles her pets, writing, and her neurotic sometimes writing partner. She has no problems with said juggling, as the Force is with her.  








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