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What kinds of books do you publish?

We specialize in speculative fiction and all of its sub-genres. This means you’ll find some element of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror in all of our books.We are here to tantalize your thoughts, spark your imagination, and tap into your most primal fears.



Where can I buy your books?

Electronic copies of our books are available for digital download via Kindle or Nook. You can also order a hard copy of any of our titles through Amazon.com or through Amazon’s expanded distribution program, at your local literary retailer.



I'm a writer and would like to be published. What sort of advice do you have?

Read as though your life depended on it, and write like there’s no tomorrow. Submit your work to agents and publishing houses, and never give up on yourself, or your dream. This is one of the most subjective businesses, and not everyone is going to like what you’ve written, but someone will. Think of it this way, if just 1% of the population in the US alone were to fall in love with your book and buy it, you’d be a multi-millionaire.



Do you charge a reading fee?

No. A legitimate publisher will never charge you for anything, especially the opportunity to consider your work.


It’s been a while since I submitted my work and I haven’t heard anything does that mean you’ve rejected me?

It may require up to three months or more for our editors to review a manuscript so please, have patience, we will contact you once a decision has been made. If you have not heard from us after three months please contact us with a second query, it’s possible that your submission was lost in translation and we would hate to miss out on the opportunity to consider your work.



If you accept me for publication what does that mean for me?

The exacting details of every contract are different, however, there are a few things that you can probably count on.

  • Our editors will work with you to polish your manuscript so that all of our titles are free of errors and have the same quality of the story that our loyal customers expect.

  • You get to work with one of our artists to produce a cover that fits your vision and best reflects the content of your novel.

  • Highly competitive royalty rates.* We’re authors too, and we don’t believe that you should be a starving artist. While we do need to make enough money to keep the doors open, we want you to reap the benefits of your work.

  • Help distributing and promoting your book.



*Due to our size we don’t currently offer an author advance, though 

we hope to in the near future*