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Announcing "Crossroads in the Dark: Urban Legends"

is Open for Submissions



At Burning Willow Press, we love horror.  Don’t get us wrong we love science fiction and fantasy as well but we want you to look at your own past. Remember when you were a little tyke and possibly around a bonfire or cook out or even camping with friends in the scouts? Yeah I sure do. Now, remember the best part of that experience? The stories! Everyone around the campfire had a URBAN LEGEND that they had sworn on their mother’s death and crossed their hearts and hoped to die themselves that what they were telling you was true.  Whether a ghost story or a supernatural event or something that just wasn’t right in the house that night.  For inspiration on this, I urge you to watch a movie called “Urban Legend (1998)” starring, Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger himself), Jared Leto (American Psycho, Lord of War, and Fight Club) and Tara Reid (American Pie, Scrubs). This was not the inspiration for this anthology it is just an idea of what an urban legend is.   We want to see your best authored rendition of an urban legend in this anthology and here is what we want for criteria:

Release date: Fall - Early  Winter 2016

Title: Crossroads in the Dark: Urban Legends


  • Entrants must be individuals and not a company or organization.

  • Entrants must submit under their reals names (Pen names can be used upon publication).

  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to submit (mostly because of the content).

  • Story must be anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 words in length.

  • You do not have to be previously published to be included.

  • Only previously unpublished works will be accepted, unless proof of returned rights are given with email.

  • There is no rating system here so you can get as gruesome or carried away as you want.

  • Have fun writing!


Deadline: We are taking submissions from the time of this announcement until June 25, 2016.

Submission guidelines:


  • Please state the title of your work and that you are submitting for the anthology in the subject line.

  • Please abide by the following submission format:

    • The title of your story

    • Pen name (if applicable)

    • Word count

    • Your real name

    • E-mail address

    • Phone number

    • Short author biography

    • Attachments in doc or docx only. (Submissions sent in the body of an e-mail will be ignored)


Let’s have fun with this anthology! We had a blast with “Crossroads in the Dark” and want this one to be even better.

Submit the stories to edds.burningwillowpress@gmail.com with “Urban Legends Anthology submission” in the subject line.  Please, for consideration, allow us time to read them and get back to you. Last year there were a lot of submissions to go through and it came down to a hard decision on who stayed and who had to go. A couple got offers for expansions into novellas and novels came out of the submission process. Look for those to come out soon!

Get your stories together and be ready to scare the bejesus out of everyone! Good luck everyone!

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