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Edd Sowder

Science Fiction

Co-Founder/CFO/Vice-President/Legal affairs

Everette “Edd” Sowder was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. He has settled down in South Carolina where he now lives with his author wife, Kindra Sowder. 

He holds degrees in Biology, Physics and Management, has a passion for gore, horror, and anatomy. Edd enjoys being married, cooking, building and racing both cars and motorcycles. He met Kindra in college and has devoted the rest of his life to her. He is also a writer of romantic poetry about love and loss, anger and death, lyrics, and short stories and is currently working on  several novels. Edd has one son.

James Master

Science Fiction

A natural born reader, James tackled the works of Stephen King and Michael Crichton when he was in the sixth grade. His influential young mind now twisted by the science fiction and horror genre, James did what any respectable young man would. He started to write.

He hasn’t stopped writing or reading which is where his path crossed the path of Burning Willow Press, LLC. Ironically enough, you can find James’s first published work, “The Dark Forest,” in the anthology “Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban Legends” published by Burning Willow Press.

He graduated from Indiana University South Bend with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2015. By day, James works as a mild-mannered reporter for The Pilot News as well as an editor for the weekly paper The News-Mirror. By night, he works for BWP reading submissions or writing his own works.

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